The Color Of Thunder

“Every pastor should read this book.”

I had some exciting news this week. I just discovered that The Color of Thunder was the February, 2021 read for the Page Turner Book Club! The March meeting was to discuss the book.

My daughter Katie was browsing on Facebook and she saw the cover of the book. That caught her eye, so she clicked on it and discovered the announcement about the meeting, only five months after the fact.

Well naturally, she texted me, asking if I knew about it. I did not, so I researched the page and was able to connect with one of the members. She told me that the book was well received by the cub members, everyone said they enjoyed it and the consensus was that every pastor should read the book.

You cannot imagine how humbling that was to hear. My eyes filled with tears and I sat quietly for a few minutes trying to get my emotions under control before I shared the news with my husband. I tried to tell him and got all choked up again.

This is an online book club and I could have connected with them if I had only known about it before hand. That would have been so cool, being connected and able to answer questions anyone might have about the book.

The Color of Thunder is very near and dear to my heart. I got very emotional while writing it. It’s the story of a young newspaper reporter trying to make a name for himself. He discovers some things about the pastor of a large church that could destroy his ministry. While he digs deeper and deeper into the life of the pastor, the pastor is more concerned with bringing the young man into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

It’s a very moving story, in fact, to quote one of my Beta readers, “If people are not touched by this book, they cannot be touched”.

If you haven’t read The Color of Thunder yet, I hope you will consider putting it on your wish list for future reading.

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