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Old Movies

When I was a kid, we lived within walking distance of the movie theater.  Every Saturday, they had a matinee that only cost us kids 9 cents to get in.  Popcorn was 10 cents and an RC Cola was 6 cents.  So for a grand total of 25 cents, you could spend your entire Saturday… Continue reading Old Movies

Dreams Never Lie


The speed limit had just gone back up to sixty after slowing down for the small town.  Steve shifted gears and had just looked back up towards the road when he caught a glimpse of the kids, the ball and the dog as they all ran straight towards the highway. He hit the horn and… Continue reading DREAMS NEVER LIE Teaser #4

Dreams Never Lie


I have the best customers in the world and I asked one for help yesterday.  I told him I needed to ask him a question but he'd probably think I'm crazy. "No, I won't,"  He replied. "You'll laugh at me."  I told him. "I won't laugh," he said. "Okay then.  Will you tell me how to… Continue reading AM I TOO OLD FOR DONUTS?

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Anesthesia Does Funny Things

I had always heard that sometimes people talk out loud when they are under anesthesia.  I imagined that I would be one of those people, as I suffer from insomnia, and while in bed in a semi-conscious state, I do a lot of my plotting for my books. I have had several procedures on my… Continue reading Anesthesia Does Funny Things