Books, The Color Of Thunder


Why did I write The Color of Thunder? That’s rather hard to explain, but I’ll try.

I had already written Fire Light Fire Bright, Dreams Never Lie and was nearly finished with Dreams are Forever. One thing I decided on when I started writing was that my books wouldn’t be full of profanity, and there would be no graphic sex. I think I wanted to prove that a mystery/suspense novel could be a good read without these things being included.

I instilled in my characters my Christian values. Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t shove Christianity down anyone’s throat, I just made sure to show that my characters were good moral people. They went to church, and didn’t cuss, smoke or drink. In fact in the Dreams Never Lie series, Josh’s best friend was his minister.

The first two books were well received, good reviews and readers clamoring for more. But I still had a nagging feeling that I hadn’t gone far enough. I was driving to work one morning during a thunder storm when it hit me. The Color of Thunder. Wow. Where did that come from? I love it. I’ve got to write the book.

I had no idea what I was going to write. I was nearly finished with Dreams Are Forever, but I put it on the back burner and started The Color of Thunder. I had no idea what this book was going to be about. I sat at my computer and the words just spilled out of my fingers. I poured my heart into this book. I wanted to explain how to become a Christian without pushing anyone away. I agonized over how to do this, but when I sat down at the keyboard, again, the words just flowed. I got so wrapped up during the church service near the end of the book that tears were pouring down my face as people stepped forward to accept Christ as their savior.

I was warned that publishing this book could potentially impact my sales. I didn’t care, I wanted to get this message out. There towards the end when Michael is talking to the girls, again, the tears just flowed. I couldn’t help myself, I cried and cried.

Now don’t get me wrong, this book isn’t all serious. It has a lot of fun things, like the disastrous picnic where Michael was trying to propose and everything kept going wrong. Or when he spent $1.98 on a bottle of champagne thinking he was getting the good stuff.

I had so much fun writing this book. Many of he events in this book are true, in fact, the ebook has inserts with me talking, explaining what happened in real life. I hope you’ll take the time to read The Color of Thunder. Truth be told, I just reread it, and you guessed it, I choked up at several places as I read it again for the umpteenth time.

Happy Reading Y’all.

Joseph is an ambitious new reporter who sees his chance to make a name for himself by taking on a popular local church. Pastor Thunder fears that his own shortcomings are what’s keeping the young man from becoming a Christian. However, Joseph is out to prove that you don’t have to be a Christian to be one of the “good guys”.


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