Books, The Color Of Thunder


When I starting writing, one of my goals was to make my books interesting and fun, with a little suspense thrown in for good measure. I also wanted to prove that books could be all these things without all the profanity and graphic sex that dominate so many novels today.

My novels in the mystery/suspense genre have a few four letter words, but they are usually used in a joking manner. Also, my main characters are Christians and church attendance is mentioned several times. My main characters best friends are generally the pastor.

I really enjoy writing the mystery/suspense novels, but I felt like God wanted more from me. I decided to try my hand at a true Christian novel. The Color of Thunder as a title for the book came to me before I even knew what the book would be about. I wanted to do something totally different from my other books.

I wrote it as the life story of a minister, totally made up, strictly fiction. As I starting writing, it just all fell into place. I would think all week about what I wanted to write, then on Saturday morning when I starting writing, it would end up nothing at all like I had planned.

The main theme of the book is the unlikely friendship between the pastor and a newspaper reporter who describes himself as a ‘heathen’. As their friendship develops, the reporter uncovers some flaws in the minister’s life and must decide whether to use the information to destroy the church, or to prove that you don’t have to be a Christian to be a good guy.

The minister’s main focus is the salvation of the reporter and he does everything in his power to bring this about.

Truthfully, I made myself cry several times while writing this book. I hope it touches you too.

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