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Wow, the month of February is over, and we’re halfway through March.  Time is really flying by.  But suddenly, many of our activities have come to a stand still.  Staying busy and maintaining the norm is crucial during this critical time our nation is facing.

For me, this means more time to read.  If reading is your passion, let me help.  Effective immediately, I have lowered the price of all of my ebooks to just $2.99 -including my latest release.

Despite the Corona outbreak, this is the start of my busiest time of year at work.  People begin to receive their income tax refunds and many of them spend it on new cars.

And since I am an insurance agent, I have really been busy trying to keep up.  I think I’ve already written more new policies this month, than I did the entire months of January and February combined.  Needless to say, I come home exhausted.\

I’m so thankful that my sweet husband cooks supper for me and brings my plate to me on a tray.  After nearly 33 years of marriage, I think I’ll keep him.

Today is the first day I’ve worked with my publisher all month.  I’ve got to finish editing Shattered Dreams.  Special thanks to my two beta readers, Chuck and Dorinda.  Y’all did a great job.  I’ve finally gotten all of your corrections added to my rough draft, now I’ll start back on page one and see how it reads.  I’m really close to submitting Shattered Dreams for print. More details to follow.

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day.  Being on the Keto diet meant no chocolate for us, but we survived. As a nation, we’re going to survive this epidemic we’re facing too.


“I discovered your books through my dad, and fell in love with Josh in the Dreams Are Forever series. You’ve become my favorite author and I’ll never forget actually getting to meet you when you came to Arkansas to promote your books. I haven’t read The Color of Thunder yet, but I can’t wait to dig in. Love you Elsie!” -JAIA

Intriguing mysteries, with great characters, that hold you in suspense.” –  CB



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