Books, The Color Of Thunder


As I mentioned in a previous blog, The Color of Thunder is entirely different from any of my other novels.  It’s still fiction, it’s still set in North Central Texas, in a fictitious town, of course.  It has several twists and turns, but it isn’t a mystery.

It has lots of drama, a touch of racism, a reporter who has a chance to further his career by writing a scathing expose of a thriving church and the minister who is celebrating his 40th year as pastor of the church.

The pastor was born to Russian immigrants who had come to America to find the good life, but the timing was all wrong.  Senator McCarthy had just started his ‘witch hunt’ for  communists.  In their fear, they raised their son to be 100% American, cutting all ties to anything Russian.

I hope you enjoy reading this new book as much as I enjoyed writing it.  I even made myself cry a few times as the drama unfolded, especially there at the end when … Oops, I almost said too much.  Can’t give it away now.  Sorry.  You’ll have to read the book.  We’re shooting for a late spring or early summer release.


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