News Break – What’s New with Elsie in May?

What a great time we had on Mother’s Day weekend in Little Rock, Arkansas at the Mini Maker Faire down on the river.  I shared a booth with my fellow author, Paul Kurko and our publisher, Eric Jones with TGIM Digital Publishing.

We met so many neat people, autographed books, ate lots of snacks, and baked in the hot Arkansas sun.  The cool breeze from the river in the early morning was quickly overpowered by the hot sun.  The projected high for the day was 92, but I think it topped out higher than that.  Even my feet got sunburned.  I wore sandals, so now I have criss-cross marks on my feet.

We had coffee mugs, T-shirts and pens in addition to the books we were promoting.  The coffee mugs and T-shirts were done by a sweet young lady, Taylor Jones.  She did a wonderful job, higher quality than the last vendor we used.  Her contact info is at the bottom of this newsletter.  I highly recommend her.

My husband Ronnie wore his T-shirt all day Saturday and went up and down the riverwalk, doing PR work for our booth.  He looked so cute with my name plastered all  over, front and back.

It was a fun time, but we were glad to get home Sunday afternoon.  I had to go back to work Monday morning to get rested up.  (Lol, hope my boss doesn’t see that comment.)

Since I was out of town on Mother’s day, my daughter Katie picked me up the weekend before and we got pedicures then we did lunch.  When we got home from Little Rock  Sunday afternoon, we found a bouquet of roses and another of multicolored flowers, plus chocolate covered strawberries in the fridge that Jes and Tammy brought me.

This weekend, we’ll be going to Graham where Lisa and Chris are cooking ribs on the grill.  I love the way they stretched Mother’s Day to last for three weekends.

I learned a lot last weekend about how to set up my booth, etc.  But the most important thing I learned was that for the remainder of the summer, do indoor events only.

Contact information for Taylor Jones :


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